Nov 28, 2009

happy thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was a welcome break, got me out of two of my three classes this week. Unfortunately I still have some hw to finish but it's alright. Even more unfortunate is that the semester is over in about two and a half weeks and I have tons of work/studying to do before then, and like most semesters I will not be sad to see it go, mostly because of operations management. And to my serious disappointment I found out I have another operations requirement, so I signed up for it for next semester to get it over with. Ugh, I do not like it.
Anyway here's some Thanksgiving photos:

cheesecake crust

pumpkin and sugar

pumpkin cheesecake...turned out ok, but not as exciting as I thought. I had been psyching myself up for it for like 2 it was bound to be somewhat disappointing.

In addition to cheesecake some chocolate was called for.

Bon-bons and strawberries. I do love working with chocolate, it's so challenging and satisfying. There are still some finer points that elude me, but I think it's the kind of thing people go to fancy cooking schools for so if I can learn I'll be thrilled.

Happy weekend, and wish me luck with finals.

Nov 23, 2009


Ok, so not a clever title for my blog, but that should tell you something: I'm tired of trying to be clever. For some reason it feels like a good time to start blogging, even though I'm up to just the same ol' same ol'; going to school, looking for a job, knitting, and hanging out in SF.
I can't believe the semester's almost over already, I have less than a month left and many an unfinished project, plus project teams of people that don't tell me what's going on, don't listen to me, and don't do work on time. I like my marketing classes, but I am not going to be sad to be rid of my operations class. The professor is unreasonable, my project team uncommunicative, and my grades not my best ever, ugh. Still I think the end of this semester will be fairly stress-free, I only have one final exam. And I have only one assignment left in one of my classes and the third class is really fun. Thankfully I have these distractions to keep my mind off the fact that I have tried and failed to find a decent (or ANY) job for nearly a year and a half...that is a long ass time.